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Our team of veterinary support professionals is dedicated to delivering the best customer service and compassionate care to you and your pets!

Veterinary Technician Julie Eisert with CatIf we have a question about anything, Julie has the answer. She knows our practice inside and out.

Hire Date: 1999

Favorite things about WAH: "My co-workers and my patients."

Hobbies, interests: Full-time mom - enough said!

Pets: Dog named Hoho



Veterinary Assistant Jessica NicholsonJessica and CJ, one of our veterinary and kennel assistants, are a package deal — they are tying the knot soon!

Hire Date: 2010

Favorite things about WAH: "Where else can you bring your dogs to work?"

Hobbies, interests: Spending time with family and friends, going to the movies and working with animals

Pets: Rottweiler named Myiah, WAH's official blood donor, Duke the Mastiff, and a cat adopted from WAH

Veterinary Assistan Stephanie Brunot with DogSteph is our all-around go-to person. She can help with appointments and assist in surgeries in the morning, then place orders and fill in for the receptionists in the evening. She does it all!

Hire Date: 2003

Favorite things about WAH: "The level of care the doctors give to the animals."

Hobbies, interests: Skiing, roller blading and mountain biking

Pets: Chihuahua rescued at WAH and Speck, a leopard gecko


Kennel Assistant CJ Amann with CatHe is known as the practical joker at Wintergreen Animal Hospital.

Hire Date: 2013

Favorite things about WAH: "There's always something to learn!"

Hobbies, interests: All things basketball

Pets: Myiah and Duke



Kennel Assistant Nicole with DogNicole loves animals and veterinary medicine and spends each day at WAH taking it all in.

Hire Date: 2013

Favorite things about WAH: "How much everyone cares about our patients."

Hobbies, interests: Watching football and spending time with friends and family

Pets: Two rescued dogs, Riley and Ludo


Veterinary & Kennel Assistant Lauren with CatLauren goes with the flow and always comes to work with a smile on her face.

Hire Date: 2012

Favorite things about WAH: "Cats EVERYWHERE!"

Hobbies, interests: Baking, traveling and watching movies

Pets: Several rescued cats and a Ragdoll show cat named Bort



Veterinary Assistant & CCS Danielle RennerDanielle's dry humor is an office favorite.

Hire Date: 2006

Favorite things about WAH: "That I learn something new every day."

Hobbies, interests: Snowboarding, playing guitar and traveling

Pets: A yellow Lab named Floyd, a black Lab named Emma, and a cat named Jubal



Veterinary Receptionist Sara Nichols with Cat LTThat smiling voice you hear on the phone probably belongs to Sara.

Hire Date: 2013

Favorite things about WAH: "Constantly meeting new people."

Hobbies, interests: Spending time with her little boy and anything involving the outdoors

Pets: Dogs named Lilu and Sampson and cats named Jay and Penny



Veterinary Receptionist Val with Cat GabeVal has the patience of a saint and gets along with even the grumpiest of pets.

Hire Date: 2009

Favorite things about WAH: "There's never a dull moment!"

Hobbies, interests: Reading and spending time with her children

Pets: Two cats, Fluffy and Oreo, and two ferrets, Sam and O



You probably haven't met Birdie unless you have been visiting your pet in our treatment area. Birdie's main job is making sure all employees have had an adequate dose of daily purrs and rubbing. Since this is a full-time job, he doesn't get many breaks to hang out with clients in the reception area.

Hospital Cat BirdieIt's a good thing Birdie has a stable job with health benefits, since he suffers from diabetes insipidus, a disease that causes insatiable thirst. Birdie takes two daily medications to control his thirst and allow him to do his job. We just wouldn't recommend leaving a glass of water unattended around him!

Hire Date: 2008

Favorite things about WAH: "The love I get from my co-workers."

Hobbies, interests: Riding on people's shoulders

Pets: The doctors and techs

Hospital Cat JoshJoshua Albert came to us one day as a skinny, hairless, scrawny little cat who somehow made his way into everyone's hearts. With proper care, Josh quickly grew his trademark mane and set up camp on the front desk. His job includes keeping the front desk warm, purring a "hello" to all clients, and occasionally sampling our office treats to make sure they are up to his standards.

Hire Date: 2008

Favorite things about WAH: "The food."

Hobbies, interests: Snoozing

Pets: The doctors and techs

Frankie the Dog, Wintergreen Animal HospitalThe staff never knows whether they're going to laugh or groan at Frankie's latest antics. He thinks his fool — whoops, full — name is "Frankie NO Lutz."

Hire Date: 2009

Favorite things about WAH: "I really like — wait, what was the question?"

Hobbies, interests: Everything!

Pets: The doctors and techs


Annie LaBelle, Wintergreen Animal HospitalAnnie was a Christmas present from the staff at Wintergreen Animal Hospital to Dr. John Lutz. It is a full-time job being so blonde!

Hire Date: 2011

Hobbies, interests: Doing naughty things and blaming Frankie

Pets: Frankie